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iMovie VS Windows Movie Maker get more close with them

Video post production or we may say extension editing is always a very important issue. There are lots of editing systems available for choices, some people would like to purchase the favorite one based on their actual need while others prefer to use the built-in video editing programs on the computer. As we know, Micrsoft and Apple, the two major computers brands have their own editing software-Windows Movie Maker and iMovie installed on the computers correspondingly. The funny thing is, we will see many people discussing about these two editors and also make a comparison. In my opinion, it doesn't make much sense for the comparison, if any, it will probably like the following.


Currently, there are piles of video editing software on the market. Some people may get loss easily. In fact, they are pretty much the same thing. As for Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, both of them have got a viewing screen or two, a time line, effects preset and file navigation. That means, as long as you own certain editing experience, you are able to switch between these systems flexibly. What you need the most is practicing to gain the familiarity of each one.


Honestly, I love Windows movie Maker because it is quite simple and easy to understand. When comes to iMovie? Eeeeee....I don't know. There was a time that I needed to import sony hdr m2ts to imovie for post editing, it took me almost half a day to finish the job. Of course, I spent a little time on fixing the format incompatibility issue, but my point is, iMoive is great with many cool features, but I just cannot get my head around it sometimes. Different from much editing software, iMovie has only one channel for the video and the audio/effects/effects is not set in a time line but a block instead. Whereas Windows Movie has two separate channels, one for the vidoe and one for the audio coming with the video, besides, it also has got extra audio track (for backing music or overdubbing) and then a track for your transitions/effects. Tips: to import some recorded videos like AVCHD MTS to Windows Movie Maker for editing, the key point is to convert the MTS to WMM acceptable video format via the third-party software called Windows Movie Maker Converter or MTS to WMV converter developed by Doremisoft.

Overall Comparison

iMovie Pros: 1.sleek and sexy; 2.Easy importing & exporting features; 3. cool features available; 4.Scrubbing tool works really well to find clips

Windows Movie Maker Pros: 1. simple, easy operation; 2.Clear presentation of tools; 3. Time line feature; 4.Easy importing & exporting features.

iMovie Cons:: 1. run on Mac; 2. there is no timeline.

Windows Movie Maker Cons:: 1. run on Windows; 2. there is Not many thrills and spills.

In conclusion, I think both of them have got advantages and disadvantages, what matter the most is that which one can really meet all your demands—kind of preference thing.

You can learn the detail guide on how to convert mts to wmv:

Por kodakvideoconverter - September 23rd, 2013, 18:52, Category: General
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