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June 2013

How to Upload Adobe Flash Animated Video to YouTube

"How do i save my animated video i created on Adobe Flash Pro in a way that I can upload it onto YouTube? I'm new to Adobe Flash and I don't even know if I can. All I know is YouTube won't upload the file type. I tried saving it other ways but all the other ways are the same .swf file. Anyone who can help me? What am i doing wrong?" -- from Yohoo Answer

We know that Adobe Flash is the professional program to make animated video with extension name of .swf. However, SWF is not a YouTube supported file type, so it is impossible for us to directly upload SWF to YouTube. What if we've created some wonderful Flash animation and, just like the asker above, really want to share it to friends via YouTube? What can we do?

Well, in this case, we have two ways to solve the problem. 1. If you have a video file converter on hand, you can export your animation in .avi format (since common video converter don't support .swf file), and then use the video converter to convert the .avi file into flv or mp4 and upload onto YouTube. 2. Get a professional SWF Video Converter to help you convert SWF to FLV, or get the SWF convert to MP4. Here, I mainly talk about the second way. Below is how:

Guides on How to Convert SWF File to FLV/MP4 and Upload to YouTube with Doremisoft SWF video converter

1. Download the SWF Converter Free Trial Version (Mac or Windows) listing below, and then install it by default step-by-step instructions.

2. Run the SWF Converter, and then click "Select File" to import Local SWF file into the main panel

3. Click "Profile" menu barand and then choose FLV/MP4 as the output format from the drop-down list of output formats.

4. After completing to set output format, press "Next" and click "Start" to convert SWF to MP4. All the conversion process will cost you seconds.

5. When the conversion is over, you can then log in your YouTube account, and upload the converted FLV/MP4 file onto it with ease.

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Por kodakvideoconverter - June 27th, 2013, 14:35, Category: General
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Learn the detail steps on how to use XAVC video Converter

After you get a Doremisoft XAVC video converter, do you know how to use it? What can it do for you? With this converter you can trim your video, when you edit you video you can crop it to get rid of the unwanted border, you also can add effect to video, if you want to make your video into 3D effect, it can help you. What's more, you can adjust your audio. After converted, you can edit the video with final cut pro, Sony Vegas, Premiere, etc. You can learn the detail steps with the follow guide:

Por kodakvideoconverter - June 18th, 2013, 1:15, Category: General
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How to edit xavc footages on mac and wins freely

As we know, when Sony PMW-F5/F55 CineAlta Digital Cinema Camera record XAVC footages, if you have tried to import these footages into imovie, final cut pro, Premiere for editing you will find that it will faild, for Software that will support XAVC include Adobe Creative Suite 6, Avid, Final Cut Pro X, Grass Valley, Quantel, Sony Vegas Pro 12, and Rovi MainConcept SDK. If you want to edit xavc recording you should convert xavc video to other format. For this, you can learn from the bellow guide:

Por kodakvideoconverter - June 13th, 2013, 13:58, Category: General
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