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Convert flip video to flv to share Flip videos with my friends or family

Do you want to send the funny flip video to one of your friend? There are several solutions for you to achieve.

1. With Flipshare

Connect your flip camera to PC, then open your Flipshare software. When Flipshare automatically displays the videos needed to be downloaded to your computer, then select the Flip Videos you want to E-mail and click "Save to computer."

Then, choose the flip footages from the camcorder folder and click the "Email" option at the bottom of the Flipshare window. Finally follow the wizard to finish the process.

2. Supposed the Flip shootings size is big enough, I think burn Flip Video to DVD should be more efficient solution. Create DVD disc from Flip camera video should be the safest way to backup the Flip video or share. Copy Flip video to DVD disc, then mail the DVD disc to receiver. They can enjoy it in a breeze with handy DVD player. Have to mention, the Flip Video Converter can also have the function of "burning DVD from Flip Video" by convert Flip video to MPEG-2 well compatible with DVD video. Under the help of Windows DVD Maker, the output MPEG-2 file content can be burnt into DVD disc.

3. Email Flip video as attachment

Email to the receiver with flip video as attachment. However, you may run into some problem, like the video size is too big, which exceeds its maximum file size. How to solve it? You can clip Flip video or resize them to be smaller. Doremisoft Flip Video Converter is such a program, convert Flip video to another video format with small size or cut out some unwanted parts.

Convert flip video to flv, it can easily achieve to email Flip video to friends or family as attachment.

You can do it as follows:

Step 1: Add flip video

Click the Add button to add the flip videos you want to E-mail from your hard drive.

Step 2: Select the format to downsize flip video Click the Arrow to the very right of the Profile field to open the Profile list, and move your mouse pointer to Common Video, and then scroll down to the Common Video list to “FLV File”. And then check the “Apply to All” option on the lower right so all added videos will be converted to the selected FLV format.

Step 3: Convert

Click the big red button on the lower right to start the conversion. After the conversion, the folder where the converted files are saved will be opened. Now, if you take a look at the sizes of your videos, you will find that they are much smaller. I did a conversion and a flip video with the original size of 24.8M got downsized to 4.5M after the conversion.

After this, you can emial your flip video to friends and family as attachment.

Por kodakvideoconverter - September 7th, 2011, 22:37, Category: General
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