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May 15th, 2013

The method to crop swf file making use of a swf video converter

Possibly you've got study about this query from yahoo answer:

"Is there any approach to crop a .swf file without having flash?

I've a swf file that I want just a piece of but I don't have the original fla file or flash. I do have Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign even though. Is it achievable to crop a swf file making use of any of these applications, and even a freeware system? I know there is a slim likelihood but should you know of a achievable way, I'd appreciate the information.Thanks!"

how to crop swf file? Must I must get a swf cropper? To accomplish this you'll be able to make use of the doremisoft swf video converter. Stick to the following step to accomplish this conversion.

Tools you will need: swf video converter

Set up the swf video converter, then run it, Click the "Select File" and to find your swf file, pick the swf file which you need to crop in to the converter. In case your video is definitely an on the internet video, you also can click the "Grab SWF", then paste the URL which the on the internet swf video at, then click the "Grab" button, it's going to grab each of the swf video this URL have. You'll be able to download the swf video. Then import into converter to crop.

Right after you import the video in to the converter, then click the "Next" button, within this step, you'll be able to pick the output format, if you'd like to edit video with windows film maker, you'll be able to pick AVI or WMV as output format, you'll be able to set the video and audio encoder, bit price and so on.

Then you definitely can click "Next", right after that, you'll be able to preview your video, then click "Start" to convert the video.

Within this step, the conversion is processing, but you'll be able to pick the duration, just click for the commence point in the section you need, and let the conversion continue, then it come for the finish of you need section you'll be able to pick for the other commence point of section till the finish of section. Right after you get each of the section you need, just click "Stop" to find out the video you've got pick.

Right after this conversion is completed, you'll be able to get the cropped video.

The other approach:

You also can use video editing computer software to accomplish this. If you'd like to edit video with iMovie, you'll be able to get a mac version to convert swf to mp4, or convert swf to mov, convert swf to m4v also is obtainable. Should you pick this approach, you simply must convert the swf video.

Right after which you can import the converted video into your video editing computer software.

The majority of video editing computer software has the crop function.

But if you'd like to maintain the swf file format, you'll be able to pick to convert the wmv, avi, mov, mp4, and so forth. to swf file using a doremisoft video to flash video converter. Just excellent luck.

Por kodakvideoconverter - May 15th, 2013, 21:31, Category: General
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