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March 2013

Info about AVCHD MTS/M2TS and the way to convert AVCHD video

MTS file

In case you have get a AVCHD camcorder from Sony, Panasonic, JVC, you may meet the MTS, M2TS file format. Perhaps you happen to be comfused in regards to the MTS and M2TS file. So within this report you may understand the differencce amongst MTS and M2TS file.

The MTS file variety is mostly linked with "AVCHD". AVCHD can be a high-definition digital video format that supports 1080i and 720p using a reasonably modest file size. AVCHD files are determined by the MPEG4 CODEC. AVCHD video files might be burned to Blu-ray discs and played in compatible devices, for example Blu-ray disc players along with the Sony PlayStation3. MTS file utilised by Sony, Panasonic, and also other HD camcorders; determined by the MPEG-2 transport stream and supports 720p and 1080i HD video formats.

M2TS can be a filename extension utilised for the Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video (BDAV) MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS) container file format. It truly is utilised for multiplexing audio, video and also other streams. It truly is determined by the MPEG-2 transport stream container.This container format is frequently utilised for higher definition video on Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD.

The two are diverse extensions utilised for precisely the same container format. MTS would be the extension utilised in legacy file systems even though M2TS is utilised in far more contemporary ones. MTS normally implies that the file comes from an AVCHD camcorder even though M2TS is from suitable Blu-ray.

For this, it is possible to get a mts to mov converter to convert mts to mov. Doremisoft AVCHD video converter for mac would be the application that you just are seeking. This converter can simply import mts/m2ts file then output the format that you just like. So with it, you may simply import avchd to final cut pro and import avchd to avid media composer for editing, you also can upload avchd to youtube for sharing and import avchd to quicktime for playing.

In case you usually do not desire to edit video with other video editor, it is possible to use this avchd video converter to perform some essy editing, like crop one particular video to many video segment, remove the advertisement, add some impact for your video, and rotate the video, and so on.


AVCHD (Audio and Video Compression for Higher Definition) can be a video format that is certainly made for camcorder use. AVCHD can be a common that utilizes coding technologies having a higher compression efficiency and enables high-definition videos to become recorded on a variety of media, for example challenging disks, DVD discs, and flash memory. AVCHD content material also could make use of SD and SDHC cards, or perhaps challenging disk drives when the recording gear supports it. AVCHD video is recorded employing the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression codec, precisely the same now utilised with most Blu-ray Disc.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 31st, 2013, 21:56, Category: General
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Convert MKV file to AVI file with few steps


MKV and AVI file each are well-known, a lot of videos download in the world wide web are MKV file or AVI file. Just how much do you understand about them? Let's find out them from right here.

MKV is definitely an open supply format for multimedia container files, has the file extension .MKV. The MKV file or Matroska multimedia audio or video container file is equivalent to MOV or AVI files. The MKV file can help a wide array of distinct multimedia audio and video formats.

Several people that download a file with all the extension MKV will usually attempt to play it back with video player computer software they've installed on their systems. A lot of the time this does not perform.

An AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) file is actually a sound and motion image file that conforms for the Microsoft Windows Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) specification. An AVI container file includes an audio as well as a video stream in any quantity of codecs. .AVI may be the a single in the most typical video formats for Windows operating systems. A single in the causes that the avi file format may be the format of selection for video is since it really is the format that every person is employed to. This file format is amongst the oldest, which implies that a lot more individuals are employed to it. Like any solution, the original is normally essentially the most productive and broadly identified.

You'll find some difficulties that enable you to find out the advantages of AVI file:

1.The best way to modify a .MKV file to a .AVI file?

is there any way i can modify a .MKV file to a .AVI file so i can watch videos on my xbox 360 by means of my terabyte transportable haddrive

2.Convert MKV to AVI???

I need to convert an mkv file to an avi so i can play it on my ps3.. i want computer software for windows 7 thats free of charge any recommendations?

From above, you are going to realize that AVI file format is so well-known that the majority of devices can help AVI file, to resolve that difficulties above, you will need a video converter to convert mkv to avi.

Doremisoft video covnerter is actually a converter that will aid user very easily to convert any video format for the format which you like. So with this converter you'll be able to convert MKV file to AVI, WMV, MOV, and so forth. Right after you get the converter, you are going to convert mkv to avi very easily. Right after converted, you'll be able to import the converted video into PS3, Xbox 360 for playing, and also you also can import it into Windows Film Maker for editing.

There also has yet another thins, this converter also is usually a hd pvr software, to acquire this converter you are going to convert pvr to mp3, convert pvr to iPad and convert pvr to quicktime for playing very easily. In case you are a video lover, a video converter is necessary, beacaust it may enable you to convert the majority of video to video editing computer software and video playing applications. Take pleasure in.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 29th, 2013, 21:52, Category: General
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Play PVR video with HTC one or watch on personal computer

For me, I often watch film with my mobile telephone, using a mobile telephone I can watch film everywhere, it really is so hassle-free. How about you? Once you watch film? Which device do you like most to take pleasure in film? Inside the modern day life, a mobile telephone is necessary. Let's speak about HTC one as well as a PVR device.

HTC one

HTC revealed its HTC One series smartphones at 2012 Mobile Planet Congress. HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC V all comes with distinctive and thoughtful styles and are excellent for watching motion pictures around the go with all the huge HD screen.

The HTC One wins out in terms of net browsing efficiency. It includes a quad-core 1.7GHz processor, and completed our Sunspider JavaScript benchmark within a super-fast 1,123ms.

The HTC One comes using a four.7-inch 1080p Complete HD show sporting a ludicrous 468ppi. Once you very first appear at it the impact is really underwhelming because of the huge black expanse of BlinkFeed. Nonetheless, for those who have a glance around the principal spec of HTC One handsets, it really is simple to locate the Android os smartphones supported video format is restricted as other phones.

In order to play video with htc one, you'll be able to get a htc one video converter to convert the video format to a format that supported by HTC one. So you'll be able to take pleasure in all video on HTC one.

TopField PVR

A STB is definitely an device that typically includes a tuner and connects to a tv set and an external supply of signal, turning the supply signal into content material within a kind that will then be displayed around the tv screen or other show device.

For those who have an older analogue Television, the box will provide you with the alternative of watching digital programming, and for those who have an LCD or plasma Television using a normal definition digital tuner (or none at all) it's going to let you watch the HD channels.

Once you wanting to watch the recorded video along with your HTC one or personal computer, you'll be able to meet difficulty like:

I've not too long ago employed a Topfield set best box to record shows. I recorded them onto an external tough drive. When I go in to the tough drive the file format is .pvr. I was asking yourself if any person knew an excellent system that would convert these files without having losing the top quality.

So what must you do? Doremisoft video converter could be do the aid. You'll be able to use it to convert pvr to media player for playing a single your personal computer, and also you also can use it to covnert pvr to avi, pvr to 3gp, pvr to wmv, and so on, so you'll be able to edit and play Television system a single your personal computer, you also can play them on HTC one. With this converter, you also can edit the video to rid the advertisement and clip a video to numerous segments.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 28th, 2013, 21:41, Category: General
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Quickly to convert MP4 to MOV for editing with iMovie

mp4 file

Do you understand what exactly is an MP4 file?

MP4, a shortened name for MPEG-4 Element 14, is actually a multimedia container format normal specified as a a part of MPEG-4. It really is most typically employed to retailer digital video and digital audio streams, too as other information including subtitles and nevertheless photos. The MPEG-4 video format makes use of separate compression for audio and video tracks. Video is compressed with MPEG-4 video encoding. Audio is compressed making use of AAC compression, the identical sort of audio compression employed in .AAC files.

MP4 File format has also grow to be compatible with iPods along with other equivalent media storage devices and hence MP4 has grow to be a lot more well-known as storage and use has grow to be that significantly easier. Not merely this, nevertheless it also has yet another excellent benefit, MP4 operates using a assortment of distinct computer software and each of the well-known ones, the list contains Media Actual Player, the well-known Gaming devices including Xbox 360 and PSP too because the well-known mobile telephone organizations including Nokia.

Nonetheless the only difficulty with such a File format is the fact that they usually do not play without having the presence of a particular MP4 player. So even though they play in your personal computer, you could not be capable of play the MP4 song which you downloaded on the internet without having a particular device that plays the MP4 videos and songs.

Can not import some .mp4 files into iMovie?

I ripped a DVD making use of Mac the Ripper and got each of the .VOB files and rewrote them as .mp4 files, and believed of sticking all chapters into 1, but iMovie will not import them.

Why this occurred? What must you do?

For this, you'll be able to get a video converter to convert MP4 to MOV file, since mov is friedly with iMovie. Doremisoft video converter may be the computer software that enable you to convert any video to other video format, with all the converter, you'll be able to convert MP4 to MOV very easily. You'll be able to find out the step bellow:

Very first, download a video converter for mac, set up it into your Mac, then you definitely can run it to click "Add Files" to load the video for the converter.

Then hit the "Convert to" menu bar and also you will locate "Mov-QuickTime (*.mov)" format inside the "Common Video" tab in the pop-up menu.

Ultimately, click the huge blue button to begin the conversion. Right after the conversion is finish, you'll be able to import the converted video into imovie.

Apart from, this converter also is usually a mac pvr software, as well as the windows version will help you convert pvr videos to avi, convert pvr to mkv, convert pvr to mpg, and so on. With this computer software you'll be able to take pleasure in each of the Television applications.

This computer software also will help you straightforward edit video, you'll be able to get the wanted clip, and delete the undesirable border, add some effects, and so on.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 27th, 2013, 22:19, Category: General
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Get the way to embed SWF file to Keynote

Have you ever employed the Keynote? Just how much do you understand about it?

Keynote is actually a presentation computer software application created as a element in the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc. Like PowerPoint, Keynote could be an great presentation tool should you devote time understanding the best way to use its functions efficiently.

Functions of Keynote:

Themes that enable the user to maintain consistency in colors and fonts all through the presentation, which includes charts, graphs and tables.

OpenGL-powered 3D slide transitions and builds that resemble rolling cubes or flipping pages, or dissolving transitions that fade a single slide in to the subsequent.

Dual monitor help: the presenter can show the presentation on a screen and nevertheless see the desktop or notes from their laptop or presenter screen.

Supports all QuickTime video formats (which includes MPEG-2 and DV) in slideshows.

Version three brings export to iDVD with clickability.

Compatibility with Apple Remote as well as the Keynote remote application for iPhone and iPod touch.

In the user bellow:

Hi - How do I import SWF (Flash) files to Keynote. The present guideline instructs to Pick Edit > Spot > Pick - But I'm unable to find Spot ??

Making use of newest Keynote 08-ver. four.0.1


You are going to realize that the keynote can not help the swf file. Then what must you do in order to to insert swf to keynote? To resolve this you ought to realize that what format does the Keynote help. Keynote accepts any QuickTime or iTunes file sort, which includes the following: MOV, MP3, MPEG-4, AAC. So in order to insert the swf file into Keynote you ought to convert swf to keynote supported format.

Doremisoft SWF video covnerter for mac will do a aid to you. The converter can convert swf file to other format like MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and so forth. So with this computer software you'll be able to do several items, like converting swf to wmv mac, swf to mp3 mac, swf to flv, and so on. But in order to convert mkv to wmv this softare can not enable you to. You ought to get a video converter as an alternative.

You'll be able to find out the stps on the best way to convert swf to keynote:

Very first, you ought to get a swf video covnerter mac installed within your Mac, then run this converter, click "Select File" to load the swf video you need to convert in to the converter.

Then you definitely can set an output format. To convert swf to mov you'll be able to click "Profile" button, stick to "Common Video--->MOV-QuickTime (*.mov)" to pick the mov format.

Ultimately, click "Next" to visit the conversion panel. Press "Start Conversion" button to begin the SWF to Keynote conversion.

Right after the conversion is completed, you'll be able to insert the converted video into keynote. Apart from, with this converter you'll be able to convert swf file to iMovie, Final Reduce Pro fro editing.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 26th, 2013, 21:30, Category: General
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The best way to convert Canon legria AVCHD video to Mac imovie for editing

You are going to see canon legria, canon vixia, canon EOS camcorder inside the marketing and advertising, but which video is your favourite? I really like canon legria hf g10. Let's find out some canon legria g10.

Legria HF G10

The Canon LEGRIA HF G10 is branded as a higher finish semi pro camcorder inside the Canon LEGRIA variety of items. The camcorder is semi pro since it?s created to match the wants of knowledgeable videographers with skilled top quality Canon elements and substantial manual controls for exceptional HD motion pictures. With this camcorder you'll be able to shoots 1920 x 1080 higher definition video and using a native 25p frame price alternative, you'll be able to give your footage a genuinely cinematic appear. Making use of Cinema-Looks Filters you enhance that film appear with nine built-in adjustable filters. Some selections contain Cinema Normal, Dramatic B&W, Nostalgic, Old Movie, and Sepia. You'll be able to also shoot video that's optimized for the Internet with the 30p Progressive mode.

Maybe you have seen this problem below:

Even thougt that Apple web site claims that my Video recorder CANON LEGRIA HF M56 is compatible with iMovie 11, whatever I try iMovie doesn't recognize it.

The camera is not proposed inside the dialog (only FaceTime built-in camera is listed).

Is there anything I am missing?

Secondly, as my only way to get the films from the camera to the Mac is to copy the files from the mounted volume (SD card), the bad surprise is that these files are "MTS" and can't be directly imported into iMovie'11

Actually, if you get the Canon LEGRIA HF G10 video into imovie, the problem will be the same. Why?

Mac is not compatible with the avchd mts/m2ts file, so there will be some problem when you try to import video into mac imovie/fcp for editing. Then the best way to import canon legria g10 avchd to mac imovie?

Doremisoft AVCHD video converter for mac is the software that can convert Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC AVCHD video to other format like MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, SWF, FLV, DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MKV, etc.

You'll be able to find out the best way to convert video from canon legria to mac imovie, final cut pro for editing.

First you should install avchd converter into your Mac, the run it, click "Add File" to import the AVCHD shooting(s) to the software.

Then choose the output format for iMovie, choose "iMovie Video"->"iMovie Mov".

After the setting is finish, you'll be able to hit "Start" button to begin the conversion from Canon Legria MTS to MOV on Mac.

Doremisoft AVCHD video converter also can help you convert canon vixia camcorder to mac application fro playing and editing, if you want to edit canon 60d in windows movie maker you'll be able to get a video converter, this video converter also can be a aiff audio converter and hd pvr software to help you convert any video to other format.

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Best three video player for mac for playing film

Do you often watch film in your Mac? What video player do you like greatest? There are many video players on the net. Now you'll find 3 video player around the write-up for you personally.

1. NicePlayer

VLC Media Player

NicePlayer is actually a video player for Mac OS X . Truly the NicePlayer is definitely an interface for QuickTime and makes use of it because the basis QT adding new functions like complete screen with just two mouse clicks, hidden handle buttons that only seem when the user hovers the mouse more than and so forth.


Zoom-able complete screen playback, Multi-screen help, Boarder-less Windows, Floating Windows, Under Desktop Windows, Heads Up Show controls, Playlist, Drag & drop, Fully AppleScript-able, DVD Playback, Around the fly swappable plug-in engine help, Chapter Help, Transparent Playback, Apple Remote Help, Adjustable aspect ratio, Resolution Independence

2. Elmedia Player


Elmedia Player for Mac Free is actually a multifunctional media player for Mac OS X, which can play a great variety of formats. You can create, manage and delete playlists, and create smart playlists. Smart playlists can be created by choosing special parameters which Elmedia Player will then organize according to your criteria. Elmedia Player for Mac supports playback of FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other formats. Elmedia provides two versions of their media player: a free version and a $20 PRO version that will allow you to download movies and videos from online directly to your hard drive.

3. QuickTime


QuickTime is definitely an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. QuickTime is Apple's cutting-edge digital media software for both Mac and Windows-based computers delivers unparalleled quality for creating, playing and streaming audio and video content more than the net. Functions:

-Supports key standards for web streaming, including HTTP, RTP, RTSP, MPEG4-4 and MP3

-Support for digital video, including the DV camcorder formats, as well as help for AVI, AVR, MPEG-1, H.263, and OpenDML

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 24th, 2013, 22:23, Category: General
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The best way to resolve each of the video to imovie importing difficulty


Should you you get a camcorder, a digital camera, or an iPhone, you could record tons of videos with them, and as a mac user which video editor will you use?

iMovie is actually a video editing computer software, iMovie gives the fundamental, no-frills editing tools you should place collectively a film from a set of video clips. You'll be able to navigate freely from scene to scene, and save your edits and adjustments in digital format without having the usage of videotape.

Use iMovie to organize and edit your clips, and to trim undesirable components in the beginnings and endings (but ensure you do not drop any crucial sounds by trimming). You'll be able to edit the scenes inside the timeline viewer and synchronize the audio for the video. Import photographs from iPhoto or develop nevertheless photos from video scenes to mix in along with your film. Learn the best way to do tight editing and the best way to establish a shot and develop cutaways and cut-ins to produce your film a lot more successful and intriguing to watch. When you happen to be completed editing, you'll be able to add text as finish credits, rolling commentary, or opening titles. You'll be able to pick from numerous types and customize the text colour and font.

Each and every computer software has its shortages, so does iMovie, iMovie can edit DV, AIC, Motion-JPEG, Photo-JPEG, and compatible MPEG-4 and H.264 profiles in addition to their compatible audio. Once you are wanting to import video to iMovie there will likely be a lot of difficulty, like:

I've a dc that record 720p mp4 video, but when I make an effort to import the mp4 file to iMovie 09, it shows that it really is importing, producing thumbnail, and so forth... but turn out nothing at all imported to iMovie! I attempt drag and drop, does not perform, I attempt import function, does not perform, I even attempt import the film to iPhoto and get it from there, but can not even see the file, what take place? >< anyone have this problem or know any way to work around?

I cant import .avi files into imovie 09 anyone know how to fix this??

I have an mpg movie file but can't import it into iMovie. Can't figure out if the file is corrupt or I need to convert it to different format first. Should I be able to import mpg files directly to iMovie? If not, what formats are accepted?

To solve the probelm you just need a mp4 to imovie converter mac. Truly, you are going to meet a lot of difficulty like above, these sort of items also occurred once you make an effort to import mpg to imovie, .avi to imovie, and so on. All this difficulty also could be very easily solved. You simply want a video converter to assist you.

Doremisoft video converter for mac may be the computer software that can aid to convert any video to any video format, so with this softare you are going to convert mp4 to imovie. In addition, it can help you covnert xvid to nexus 10 for playing. It really is effective computer software to allow you to import all video to iMovie for editing.

Further reading:

Microsoft Surface is actually a series of tablets created and marketed by Microsoft. It was announced on June 18, 2012. With it you'll be able to watch motion pictures, play games, polish your resume, and pull collectively a killer presentation?aall on a single Computer. To acquire a surface video converter to take pleasure in each of the motion pictures and recording.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 21st, 2013, 22:11, Category: General
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What exactly is JING and the best way to convert swf file on mac

Have you ever heard regarding the Jing? What exactly is that? Truly, I've no thought. Right after you Google it you are going to realize that is this.

Jing is actually a screencasting personal computer system launched in 2007 as Jing Project by the TechSmith Corporation. The computer software requires a image or video in the user's personal computer screen and uploads it for the Net, FTP, personal computer or clipboard. Jing is compatible with Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

This computer software will help you capture an image of what you see in your personal computer screen, it's going to will capture every little thing that takes place in that location. In addition, it send your screenshots and videos all more than the net. As quickly as you happen to be completed along with your screen capture or screen recording, it really is able to upload to and share by means of IM, e mail, social media and much more.

The SWF file format is obtainable for video captures in Jing. The SWF file format captures with pixel-perfect precision, Best for viewing on the net, is royalty-free. For those who have the issue that will not play SWF file you will get a jing swf converter to resolve the issue.

To edit SWF file with iMovie there will likely be some difficulty:

"Is there a approach to import/insert a flash clip (developed in Adobe Flash, saved as .swf) into iMovie without having losing top quality?

I can save my flash clip as a quicktime film, nevertheless it is terrible top quality. Other threads recommend this poor top quality could not take place when burned to a disc and played on Television, but my iMovie project will only be viewed on personal computer screens."

But the best way to resolve this difficulty? Doremisoft SWF Video Converter for mac may be the application that enable you to convert SWF file to other format like MOV, MP4, WMV, 3GP, FLV, DV, and so forth. So with this computer software you'll be able to convert swf to imovie mac, to possess a lot more entertaining, you'll be able to use this converter swf to ipad to play swf file with ipad, in addition, it can convert swf to 3gp mac. Doremisoft also has the video converter that will convert any video to any video, it's going to enable you to convert mov to windows movie maker.

Now you'll be able to find out the best way to convert swf file with this swf to imovie converter:

Very first get a SWF video converter for mac from doremisoft, set up it into your Mac, then run it. Click "Select File" to load SWF video files in to the system.

Then pick an output format for iMovie. You'll be able to pick MOV, MPEG-4, H.264 and so forth as output format, right here pick output as MPEG-4, in the drop down list of "Profile"> iMovie >MPEG-4.

At final, Hit "Next" to visit the conversion window. Meanwhile, You'll be able to preview the video through the conversion. And press "Start Conversion" button to begin converting SWF to iMovie.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 20th, 2013, 21:34, Category: General
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Using DVD maker Mac to burn Olympus Stylus to dvd on Mac

tough tg-820 ihs

Inside the modern day life, camcorder are a lot more and much more crucial for many of traveler, but if you'd like to find out the fish beneath the sea, what camcorder will you decide on? Now you'll be able to find out the Olympus Hard TG-820 iHS.

It has sophisticated technologies to shoot crisp, clear photographs ?a Complete HD Videos in 1080p too-even when light is scarce. Make use of the 5x Optical Zoom and 10x Super-Resolution Zoom to acquire close for the action with remarkable clarity. Constructed to become Waterproof, Freezeproof, Shockproof and Crushproof , this camera loves mixing it up with Mother Nature. Connect the TG-820 iHS to an HDTV and watch HD videos you shot with loved ones and pals. The remarkable go anyplace, shoot something TG-820 iHS. Hard shooting situations conquered.

Olympus Hard TG-820 Functions

The Olympus Hard TG-820 has Olympus' new iHS (Intelligence, Higher Sensitivity and Higher Speed) technologies aimed to produce it achievable to take excellent images in lousy situations. There's a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor and TruePic VI image processor (initially created for DSLR cameras). Olympus say this can all aid boost low-light efficiency, speed up camera response and boost scene and topic recognition, best for fast-moving subjects, evening scenes along with other difficult shots.

Needless to say, the TG-820 is not referred to as Hard for nothing at all. It's crushproof to 100kg, waterproof 10m, shockproof to 2m and freezeproof to -10 degree. All this can aid safeguard the camera elements, which contain the 5x optical zoom lens, a 35mm equivalent of 28-140mm.

Right after you recorded some video footages how are you able to convert olympus stylus tough videos to dvd on mac for playing around the Television?

To burn each of the video to DVD, Doremisoft DVD maker Mac will help you do that, this computer software can supported formats contain DV, WMV, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, MPG, ASF, FLV, RM, MKV, M4V, TOD, MOD, and so forth. So you'll be able to use this computer software to burn olympus stylus tough to dvd mac, and convert sony bloggie to dvd mac, in reality, it may aid to burn all video from camcorder to dvd mac.

Tip, should you get a DVD video, and need to edit with Windows Film Maker, there also has DVD ripper to assist you rip dvd to windows movie maker. Should you get a video converter, it's going to aid to convert gopro hero 3 to premiere, so just locate what exactly is your necessary.

Apart from, with this computer software, you'll be able to trim your videos to get rid of the undesirable duration should you like, pick your favourite DVD menu template from Cartoon/Life/Nature series, edit DVD menu background, menu title, button style and frame to produce a customized DVD menu.

Por kodakvideoconverter - March 18th, 2013, 21:47, Category: General
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