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February 25th, 2013

Convert PVR file to MP4 for playing on iPhone

PVR is brief for Individual Video Recorder, incorporates set-top boxes (STB) with direct to disk recording facility, transportable media players (PMP) with recording, recorders (PMR) as camcorders that record onto Safe Digital memory cards and application for private computer systems which enables video capture and playback to and from a really hard disk drive. A tv set with built-in digital video-recording facilities was introduced by LG in 2007, followed by other suppliers.

What capabilities do the PVR really should have? Study some fearures bellow:

Typical Definition record & playback capabilities (SDTV)

High Definition record & playback capabilities (HDTV)

Multiple recording modes (i.e. higher, lower audio/video quality)

Storage capacity (i.e. hours of video that can be stored)

Time shifting capabilities (e.g. pause live Television)

Video inputs for coaxial cable, twisted pair, optical fiber cable

Internal CD, DVD, VCR devices for archiving video

Connectivity to external storage devices

Built-in networking capabilities

And do you know what is .PVR file?

PVR file is a Video file created by Wintal International PVR devices; includes MPEG-2 video recorded in the PAL/NTSC format; can be copied to a Mac or Windows computer system using a USB connection.

Somebody have asked that:

"Can any help me come across a Converter System? I have a Private Video Recorder which records in a format [ .pvr ]. Nero have advised me that none of their Products will do it. Help would appreciated."

If you want to view all the pvr programs record by your Individual Video Recorder with your iPhone when you have a trip, you will should convert the pvr file with a pvr to iphone converter too.

Doremisoft video converter for mac has the ability to help you convert pvr to iphone supported format like convert pvr to mp4, after converted, you can enjoy all the video on:

Apple devices: iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4, iPod nano, Apple Television, etc. You can follow the steps bellow to convert .pvr to iphone:

First you really should backup the PVR recordings to your computer system. Get the video converter installed into your mac, run it, and hit "Add File" to select the PVR videos you want to add, you can load multiple videos at one time.

add pvr to video converter

Then Click to the menu bar of "Profile" and set the output format from the drop-down list. To convert to iphone, just select "iPhone"->"iPhone". To convert to other format, just choose the format you like.

Last, hit the big green "Start" button to begin the conversion.

Besides, to edit video you can get a video editor for mac, with it you can edit flv mac, edit pvr.

Por kodakvideoconverter - February 25th, 2013, 21:11, Category: General
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