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January 10th, 2012

Has anyone used a Sony DCR-SX85 camcorder and got it to work with a Mac?

"Has anyone used a Sony DCR-SX85 camcorder and got it to work with a Mac?

Im getting a new camcorder to use for my school project. I'm thinking of getting the camcorder stated above as its available at my local BestBuy and I need a camcorder soon! Apple has this camcorder listed as working with Mac's, but I just want to make sure.

Has anyone gotten this camcorder and successfully imported video from it onto their Mac?

Does it import the video through a USB cable?"

From discussions apple

Another situation is the model you bought is absolutely the one listed in iMovie'11 support web site, but still has problem:

"Hello All, I am needing some help. I am a new mac user and for the life of me I cannot import movies from my Sony DCR-SR68 to my mac pro. I was assuming that imovie would help me, but it doesn't. Does anyone know what I should do?" From

We can find clearly what models are supported by iMovie'11 from its official site:

Models need "Select "Standard" or "Video" mode to use with iMovie '09"

Sony DCR-DVD650

Sony DCR-DVD650E

Sony DCR-DVD850

Sony DCR-DVD850E

Sony DCR-DVD908E

Models with "Video stabilization limitations"

Sony DCR-DVD508

Sony DCR-DVD505

Sony DCR-DVD508

Sony DCR-DVD505


Sony DCR-SR5

Sony DCR-SR47

Sony DCR-SR47E

Sony DCR-SR48

Sony DCR-SR15E

Sony DCR-SR20

Sony DCR-SR300

Sony DCR-SR300E

Models with " Pixelated or choppy preview or Video stabilization limitations "

Sony DCR-SR100

Sony DCR-SR100E

Sony DCR-SR200

All the above modes will meet some problem when importing to iMovie'11, if you're boring to find a useful way after search Google for hours but got nothing, you can try commercial ones to solve the problem directly. Sony DCR to iMovie Converter for Mac aimed at converting Sony DCR MPEG-2 to iMovie MOV format for iMovie'11, iMovie'09, iMovie'08. After converting finish then make sure import the converted file to iMovie'11, iMovie directly by go to the File drop down menu and click Import. Let HD camera videos to YouTube import Sony DCR MPEG to iMovie easily for any Sony DCR

Here is the easy guide on how to convert Sony DCR Video to iMovie'11 in a breeze:(Lion included)

Step1: Import Sony DCR video.

Hit "Add File" to input your Sony DCR file to the converter. More than one file is allowed to add at one time.

Step 2: Choose iMovie MOV.

Go to iMovie-> MOV

Step3: Convert Sony DCR movie to iMovie MOV.

Click "Start" button to convert Sony DCR Video to iMovie.

Por kodakvideoconverter - January 10th, 2012, 18:30, Category: General
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