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August 30th, 2011

Convert your PDF to HTML on mac with Mac PDF to HTML Converter

Why do you want to convert PDF to HTML?

1.Easy to use

2.Loose syntax (although, being too flexible will not comply with standards)

3.Supported on almost every browser, if not all browsers.

4.Widely used; established on almost every website, if not all websites.

5.Very similar to XML syntax, which is increasingly used for data storage

6.Free - You need not buy any software

7.Easy to learn & code even for novice programmers

8.It is by default in every windows so you don't need to purchase extra software.

And how to?

There is a handy program-PDF to HTML Converter for Mac,which is specially designed for Mac users to meet their needs of sharing PDF contents with others on the web. The PDF to HTML Converter for Mac can easily and efficiently convert PDF to website format for publishing on the web. It is a standalone program, you can use it without the assistance of any other program like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader and so on.

As the user-friendly program, the Mac PDF to HTML Converter offers some features enable you to customize output HTML web pages. For example: you can choose any page range of PDF source documents to be converted, choose background color, etc.

Key features of pdf to html mac:

1.Easy-to-use conversion program

Two or three simple steps to finish the conversion.

2. Convert PDF to HTML

PDF to HTML Converter can fully preserve the original layout of text, image, etc. Also, you can choose "Ignore images in the PDF" to export HTML web page without any image.

Automatically generate the HTML web pages with Navigation and Page Index Bars

Customize background color

3. Support partial conversion and batch conversion

Batch conversion Import multiple PDF documents and convert them to HTML web pages at one time

Partial conversion Specify the page range to be converted.

Know more about How to convert PDF to HTML on Mac

Note: If you also need to convert PDF to multiple formats like Text, image, you can try a 4-in-1 PDF Converting tool-PDF Converter for Mac to convert PDF to HTML,Text,Image and PDF to EPUB on Mac OS.

Por kodakvideoconverter - August 30th, 2011, 18:35, Category: General
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