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August 29th, 2011

MOD Editor for Mac give you a convenient way to edit MOD video

Nowadays, more and more consumers choose high definition camcorder for it is considered as shooting video in the highest quality available. However, most of them would be frustrated when dealing with the tough HD video format like transfer the footage to mac or edit the captured movies in iMovie, output the shot to portable devices, etc. MOD is informal name of tapeless video formats used by JVC , Panasonic and Canon in some models of digital camcorders. The recording media for MOD format camcorder including Hard disk drive and solid-state memory cards.

Here is the list of MOD Camcorders:

Canon FS Series camcorders: Canon FS200, Canon FS21, Canon FS22, Canon FS100, Canon FS10, Canon FS11

SDR series MOD camcorders: Panasonic SDR-S100, Panasonic SDR-S150, Panasonic SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H20, SDR-H60, SDR-S7, SDR-SW20, SDR-SW21, SDR-S26,SDR-S50, SD-T50P, SDR-T55P and SDR-H85P MOD Camcorders

JVC MOD Camcorders: GZ-MC100, GZ-MC200, GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG130, GZ-MG155, GZ-MG175, GZ-MG255, GZ-MG555, GZ-MG7230, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, GZ-MG505, GZ-MS100U, GZ-MG630, GZ-MG670, GZ-MG680

How to Edit MOD files on Mac OS X for these MOD Camcorders?

Mac MOD Video Editor provides you with powerful MOD video editing features: MOD video trimming, cutting, splitting, joining/merging video.And this MOD video editing software enable you to rotate or flip MOD Video Vertically and horizontally. Mac MOD Editor can work with Snow Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Leopard.

MOD Editor for Mac is an excellent Mac MOD editing software which helps edit MOD videos,and edit all HD videos and other popular video formats.Mod editor for Mac even allow you to export mod to imove, iTunes or Quicktime so that you can enjoy them.

Easy MOD video editing operation with a few mouse clicks and please go ahead the following instruction.

Step 1. Import Video into video editor mac

After launch MOD Video Editor for Mac, just click the "Add File" button to import videos you want to edit. At the right side, it will pop up a window to show you the added videos.

Step 2. Then you can perform the following MOD video editing operation according to your needs

Below the left Preview window, there is "Cropping" area, where you can set the cropping parameters to define the cropping area for getting rid of unwanted parts, like black sides.

Step 3. Save Video

Click the "Save" button on the below of the interface to save videos you have edited.

Por kodakvideoconverter - August 29th, 2011, 18:50, Category: General
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