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August 18th, 2011

Kodak video converter help you burn your Kodak video to DVD on Windows

Kodak video cameras are always the hottest choice for camcorder funs for its price and kodak camcorder is the apple in many people's eyes, especially the kodak pocket camcorder series, such as kodak zi8, kodak playsport and the newly-released kodak PLAYTOUCH. Sharing memorable moment with kodak camcorder has been a craze among comcorder holders.Also, more and more people tend to burn kodak video to DVD for better preservation.To burn Kodak video to DVD on Mac. Since Kodak videos usually as MOV format that you will need a video burning application that can burn MOV to DVD.

Then how to convert Kodak video to DVD? Is there an easy way to burn Kodak video to DVD disc so that you can play Kodak video from Kodak Zi8, Kodak PlaySport, Kodak PlayTouch with a DVD player?

Kodak Video to DVD Burner provides a solution for Kodak camcorder shooting fans to burning Kodak videos on Windows 7. Kodak Video to DVD Burner does well in burning Kodak MP4 and Kodak MOV to DVD disc. And you can even create and edit Kodak videos with Kodak video to DVD converter.

Steps to burn Kodak Video to DVD with an installed Kodak Video to DVD Burner on Windows 7.

Step1 Import Kodak resords to Kodak Video to DVD Burner.

Step2 Select and edit DVD menu.

Step3 Start to burn Kodak video to DVD.

Kodak video to DVD Burner can not only convert Kodak video to DVD, but also acts as a Kodak video editor, its editing function including clip, crop, audio setting, subtitle adding, etc.


Doremisoft announced another Kodak Video converter for you to Convert. Edit. Share. Take away your Kodak video off Kodak digital video cameras. And you also can Convert kodak video to sony vegas and more. Learn more about "kodak Video Converter", please click the link.

Por kodakvideoconverter - August 18th, 2011, 22:17, Category: General
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