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August 15th, 2011

Try to burn Kodak Video to DVD on Mac with Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner

More and more people goes in for photography with camcorders to record their happy life time and then burn the shootings to DVD for future enjoy with family or share with friends. Movies from Kodak camcorders such as Kodak Zi8, Kodak PlaySport, Kodak PlayTouch etc are in MOV or MP4 format, which can not be directly backup up to DVD for store. Then how to convert Kodak video to DVD? Is there an easy way to burn Kodak video to DVD disc so that you can play Kodak video from Kodak Zi8, Kodak PlaySport, Kodak PlayTouch with a DVD player? Kodak camcorder is the apple in many people's eyes, especially the kodak pocket camcorder series, such as kodak zi8, kodak playsport and the newly-released kodak PLAYTOUCH.Sharing memorable moment with kodak camcorder has been a craze among comcorder holders.Also, more and more people tend to burn kodak video to DVD for better preservation.To burn Kodak video to DVD on Mac, you will need a video burning application that can burn MOV to DVD because Kodak videos usually come as MOV format. Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner is the perfect choice for you to burn Kodak video to DVD.

steps are shown to help you burn Kodak Zi8 video to DVD with Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner.

How to burn Kodak video to DVD on Mac Ė Operational Steps:

Step 1: Add Kodak videos to Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner

Click on the "Add File" button to browse your Mac hard disc, find the Kodak videos you want to transfer to DVD, select them and click OK to add them to Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner.

Step 2: Edit Kodak video:

Before you transfer Kodak video to DVD, Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner lets you edit Kodak videos before you burn them to DVD. You can just edit your Kodak videos with the available options on Mac Kodak Video to DVD Burner: add subtitles, adjust volumn, crop and clip kodak video, apply effect.

Step 3: Select a menu

Click on the Menu tab, you will see a lot of pre-set menus for you to choose from. The menu will be what you first see on your DVD, and you can navigate though the burned videos and select which one you want to play.

Step 4: Burn Kodak video to DVD

When finishing editing your Kodak videos or you donít want to edit them, just insert a blank DVD to your DVD burning drive, and then click on the "Start" button to start burning Kodak video to DVD.

Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter is just the right choice.

Por kodakvideoconverter - August 15th, 2011, 15:46, Category: General
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