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July 26th, 2011

Tutorial for Mac users to convert video to Flash SWF/FLV

As a fresh Mac user, I'm some excited to enjoy so many apple series products, its iMovie, iTunes, iDVD etc. allows me edit and share the HD video comes from family vacation or traveling outside.

And of course YouTube, MySpace this video share website is also a great power to enhance me to upload these private movies to them.

I said I'm a fresh Mac user, during the long history of being Windows guy to convert all kinds of video to flash is never a issue me, because I use Free Video To Converter from,this guy works well all the way. But with my new Mac PC the good luck continues no longer for for the program can support only Windows OS.

Situation changes until one day I googled a Mac OS version video to flash converter, it is Mac Video to Flash Converter.

Frankly speaking, I'm not surprised to find a Mac Video to Flash Converter, but the converter with such powerful and complete editing function really make me amazing. With the handy program, you can effortlessly convert MP4 to Flash on Mac, or embed QuickTime Movie to flash for website, etc. Following you can know how "powerful" and "versatile" it is!

After you download it just install and run it.

Import your movie

Note: The import movies supported are widely included:


By clicking "Add video" on the top of the window, import original videos to the converter.

Edit your movie

Part 1: Cropping your movies

Click "Edit" button and in the opened cropping panel. Set the cropping parameters to get rid of the unwanted area, like black sides.

Part 2: Applying effect

Hit the "Effect" tab under the preview window and in the effect panel, adjust the video brightness, contrast and saturation or add artistic effect: Old Film, Emboss, Gray.

3. Clip your movies

Hit "Clip" button in the right of the "Edit" button, move the sliders below the preview window to get segments you want. You can get several segments from the same video by clip them.

4. Join and slide your movies

Choose two or more videos to hit "Merge" button to join several videos into a single one.

Select two or more movies, then click "Slide" button to take a slide.

Customize your movies

Under "Customize "option it offers flash player, special effect and preloader template define function.

Select a flash player, amazing special effect, preloader template for your flash video. And add text or image as watermark and embed clickable URL to flash video.

Generate FLV, SWF, HTML and Thumbnail.

Choice one:

If you want embed the video in SWF and play in timeline (generate a single SWF file contained FLV file inside), please:

"Generate SWF" & "Embed the video in SWF and play in timeline"

Choice two:

If you hope to use the video on share video website likes YouTube, please:

"Generate FLV" &"Generate SWF"&"Play the created external FLV file progressively"

Choice three:

Choose "Generate FLV" &"Play the created external FLV file progressively"

Tip: if you want to generate html, you must select "Generate SWF".

At last, done the powerful and versatile setting, just click the "Start" button to begin the video to flash conversion.

cIts procedure maybe somewhat long, but when you see it again in your share website, you will think you are such a movie maker talent, isn't it?

Por kodakvideoconverter - July 26th, 2011, 14:24, Category: General
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